Pierogies - Authentic Polish Dumplings

I remember when I tried my first pierogi when I moved to US in 2005. I bought them in one of the big grocery store. I was very disappointed, pierogi were are not even close what my grandma used to make. After few years I started sell them on the farmers markets, then food truck, restaurant and now you can get pierogi shipped to your door, anywhere in US.

If you are still don't believe that they are authentic ;) Please check reviews on Google ( over 1200 reviews - 4.7 stars) Yelp over 300 reviews - 4.5 stars.


Cezary Grosfeld - founder

Price includes overnight shipping and cooler. No extra cost!!!

Pierogi are already cooked, ready in 5 minutes.

1 dozen of pierogi in each bag.

!!!For shipping ONLY to the Colorado address,  please visit: