"The first, but not the last."

1st"Welcome to my blog! It's my first time writing something like this, so I'm a little nervous, but just a tad. 😂 

 I should probably start blogging from the beginning when I opened my business, but as my dad says, better late than never.  Dad I love you!

I'll be sharing various updates, news, basically everything that changes in Pierogies Factory, but not only that. Since I'm from Poland (I came here 19 years ago - long time), I'll also want to share with you various fascinating information, traditions, and culture from Poland. But I won`t tell jokes. I recall translating a Polish joke into English; folks looked at me like I'd just served them soup with a fork 😅. It's amazing how cultural quirks pop up, isn't it? And what a shame.😏

To wrap up this first post, I'd like to mention that soon I'll be publishing a short film with some very interesting information, so stay tuned to my blog because it will definitely be worth it.

If you feel like sharing something with me or suggesting topics you'd like to learn about, drop me a line at www.pierogiesfactory.com/contact. Just remember, I'm all ears... and bellies for pierogi-related suggestions!"

Do zobaczenia następnym razem!